"Recipes of Italy: the Land of Love, Art and good food" aims to be a small tribute to Italian cuisine by EWWA authors. With Expo 2015 in view, the members of our association share their special recipes, offering readers those dishes which are particularly dear to them. These recipes range from simple to complex and classic to original – memories of ancient traditions, such as Emilian Sanguinaccio or Ligurian Cappon magro, but also proof of culinary contaminations in recipes such as Mezze maniche pasta with shrimp, zucchini and curry or Ginger and cinnamon liqueur. This cookbook opens a door onto the kitchens of the approximately one hundred authors who have chosen to tell their stories through their passion and love for the Italian culinary tradition. Take your place at the table and buon appetito!
Preface by Pietro Parisi, the "farmer cook".