A young art history researcher, Livia's had her fill of emotions and feelings. Especially when it comes to love. After all - she tells herself - the kind of love that takes your breath away only exists in books, not in real life. But one day, the foundation she works for asks her to show Viktor Ivanov around town. The charismatic bestselling Russian writer has come to Italy to research his next book.

That day changes everything for Livia. Vital, passionate and with an irresistible and magnetic charm, Viktor represents everything that the ethereal, cerebral and demure Livia tries to avoid. The charming writer spins a seductive web around her - a web she's unable to escape from. So Livia discovers not only Viktor Ivanov's many secrets, but also another side of herself - one that's hidden away, consisting only of emotions and desires ...

Sizzling love stories packed with erotic suspense - this e-book series features self-contained erotic love stories in picturesque settings.