Angelica flew up and over the wall with the grace, elegance, and impetus she possessed when she swung on a trapeze. The same combative determination she’d shown him when they climbed the cliff called the Precipice together. Italian Angelica Fusco, raised on the film legends of Italy’s past, lives among stars and lights, strong-willed independence and adrenaline. The youngest member of the Fusco family, famous for their long tradition as stuntmen, danger and the magic of cinema are written in her DNA. Nothing, she has decided, will get in her way of making a name for herself as a stuntwoman. It’s the only life she can imagine. The only life that gives her the emotions she can’t live without. American David Evans gets called on location to Rome. He’s not only a stuntman, he’s a stunt coordinator and he’s the best. He’s got one unbreakable rule though: no women on the set. A modern, action-packed love story set among the beauty and timeless romance of Italy and a family’s fond memories of Cinecittà, the soundstage and film studios—known as Hollywood on the Tiber—on the outskirts of Rome where epic film-making reached its peak with classic productions such as Ben-Hur and Cleopatra.